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Stephanie Dickerson, LMT


I am an Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga-ish Instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & practitioner with 18 years professional experience. I have spent the last 5 years translating my Ayurvedic knowledge into everyday wisdom that I use to create ease, love and lightness in my family and marriage.

I live in Homer, Alaska with my husband and three children. We are immensely grateful to be creating our dream life on our 58 acre 'homestead'.  We have been working on our property for since our oldest was a baby. This time with our 'hands in the clay,' co-creating the lives we were born to live, has proven to be immensely fruitful, spiritually. 

Throughout this time an understanding coalesced of how to integrate my understanding of Ayurveda with parenting to find and maintain my sense of self within marriage. This did not happen magically but by opening to support, reaching out for help, investing in caring for myself deeply through intensive retreats and other means of healing. 

Out of this period of massive growth and learning came a desire to share what I have learned, my experience and  my rarified life with others. To help others experience the joy and ease we have found - living, loving and parenting with heart.

If you want to find out if working with me is right for you, book a call by following the link below. 

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Vedic Heart • Stephanie Dickerson, LMT

Restore your radiant nature by aligning with the powerful rhythms of nature. Gentle, nourishing cleansing and seasonal alignment.


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