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Stephanie Dickerson, LMT


Hello, I am so pleased to meet you. 

If we haven't been introduced yet, I’m Stephanie Dickerson. I'm an LMT, a mama to three young children, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and  a motherhood coach.

By the end of this, you are going to know ALL about me-- but I want to get to know YOU!  So I hope you'll reach out and book a call with me today. Or send me a message to say hi and let me know you are here! I'd love to hear from you. But for now let me share with you my story. 

When women ask me what I do, I tell them that I help women to find spiritual solutions to the common problems of motherhood we face today. I help them regain their sense of balance...physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the deep soul level

And most importantly in their family life.

And while that might seem a bit heady, the way that I do it is very down to earth - through straight forward truth-telling and simple, time tested spiritual truths based in Ayurveda. 

I’ve been at this for two decades and for the first decade of my practice I found that that many of my clients were mothers seeking support as they were newly prioritizing taking care of themselves.

And the thing that really stood out to me was that their children were almost always older, often fully grown! They had been sacrificing themselves in taking care of their children and families for so long that it was very hard for them to connect with what they needed for themselves. At that time I set my intention to find ways to support mothers earlier in their journey so they could find balance in the midst of motherhood and not wait until their kids were grown!

What I more deeply understand now is that becoming a mother is more than a little stressful in our modern culture. Combine that with the lack of support for mothers in this society and it is recipe for exhaustion and depletion, even for me.  When I became a mom myself it was after years of living my teachings of Ayurveda, a dedicated yoga practice and a wonderful marriage. I had already helped many mothers come back into health and happiness, I had tons of experience with kids as well.

In short, I was ready to be the perfect mother for my child. And for a few months it was blissful.  But then it all started to fall apart. I began to realize the extent of my unresolved trauma. Pieces of my past I thought I had dealt with.

This felt like the ground crumbling beneath me. I was unmoored, uprooted. I didn’t know who I was anymore, or what I needed. I wasn’t sure I ever had. My stress cup was overflowing.

And it would continue to overflow. I immersed myself in learning everything I could about the effects of complex trauma and how to heal it.  Everything I was experiencing started to make sense to me — the over reactions to everyday situations, being stuck in negative noticing. But I still felt powerless to change it.

Life went on. My husband and I bought and moved to our dream property and dug into a massive home renovation. We had another baby.

I did all the things I knew I should. I took breaks, I went to yoga retreats, I went back to therapy. We finished our remodel. I did everything I could to feel better, and for the first time I knew that I deserved it. I may be be the first person in the world who ever made the new years resolution to drink MORE.

But nothing worked. For long anyway. I eventually found myself literally drowning in stress and anxiety. I was desperate to figure this out. I was completely hijacked by fear. Fear that I was going to fail my kids. Fear that I should have never married and had children in the first place.

Ultimately, the healing power of my soul took over and I became seriously focused. I knew I couldn’t go on like this.

I’m not going to lie, life stayed really hard for another 2 years, as I fought for my self-worth. I re-committed to the sacred self-care of Ayurveda (and this has nothing to do with foods, grocery lists or body types). I dug really deep, asked for help from all my guides and teachers and did all the work that I could do, really deep inner work.

One of the most important things I learned during this time that as humans we are wired for connection and I wasn’t going to be able to shift this alone.

But I no longer wanted to hear from anyone that hadn’t been exactly where I had been, deep into marriage and motherhood. Someone who had dealt with the demons they discovered there and come out on the other side.

It did  take a while but eventually I found that guide. And along with it I found something else, something I didn’t expect. A structured approach to transformation.

An approach, that when combined with an experienced guide, and a community of others to journey with, enabled me to make the biggest shift of my life. Into safety, love and belonging.

My marriage ultimately did not, however, come with me. Now two years into a difficult divorce, I have never been more grateful to have built such a strong foundation of safety, love and belonging for myself and my children. 

I feel such deep appreciation and gratitude for the gifts from God that I have received in this life. And it is my deepest wish to be able to share them with you, and that is why I work the way I do today.

Using the same structured approach that worked for me, along with my signature 3-step formula based in Ayurvedic wisdom, I can predictably walk with women back into safety, love and belonging.

I have walked through the fire (more fire than I could have possibly imagined) so that I can guide other mothers safely to the other side.

To awaken into the calm, confidence and certainty that our children need. 


So if you know some mama who is ready to reclaim her safety, love and belonging, please have her reach out and book a call with me. She’ll get some valuable coaching and we’ll find out if my work is a good fit for her.

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