Awaken Your Vitality

Are you ready to live your most vital life? Do you want to become your most radiant self? 

I help women move from mediocrity and malaise to vitality and vigor so that they can create the lives they want for their families and themselves.  

Join me for the Summer of Love starting June 21, 2019



Do you sense that there is something between you and your best life? Are you ready to show up for that life? 

Clear the resistance, residual stress and mental/emotional sludge that's holding you back with regular seasonal cleansing.

Take a month - shift a lifetime. 


Radiant Mother

Seasonal Self-Care Intensives

Go from running on fumes to an overflowing tank. Connect to your source and clear out the gunk that is holding you back. Free up the life force you need to live the life you want.  Summer of Love enrollment open now. 

Vital Rhythms

Year-long Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course

Learn to make subtle powerful shifts towards alignment with the powerful rhythms that govern our natural world through gentle nourishing seasonal cleansing, simple daily habits shifted slowly over time and magical mindset shifts. Get started now by enrolling in the Summer of Love.

Intensive Retreats

Panchakarma Intensive Retreats in Homer, Alaska

Write in massive healing and growth into the deepest layers of your being. Panchakarma facilitates the deepest level of healing - our  alignment with our higher selves. 


Join a community of mothers (and a few fathers) in my private Facebook Group who are Living, Loving and Parenting with Heart and get support on your journey to creating your most vital life. 

For some reason we think that we should be able to put all the pieces together alone, to get to where we want to be by ourselves.

Meanwhile you are on your last legs. But you don't have to go it alone. Get support and learn how to nourish yourself into a place of deep vitality, of powerful resilience. 

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Stephanie Dickerson, LMT

I am an Licensed Massage Therapist, Panchkarma Expert, Yoga-ish Instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & practitioner with 18 years professional experience. I have spent the last 5 years translating my Ayurvedic knowledge into everyday wisdom that I use to create ease, love and lightness in my family and marriage.

Vedic Heart • Stephanie Dickerson, LMT

Restore your radiant nature by aligning with the powerful rhythms of nature. Gentle, nourishing cleansing and seasonal alignment.


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