Hello! I'm Stephanie

My mission is to support women in wholeheartedly living the spiritual journey that is motherhood.

I believe that embodying love, confidence and connection is not only our birthright but our sacred responsibility as mothers. 

This responsibility is not meant to be carried alone. 

Tell me more....

Let me introduce myself.

If we haven’t officially met yet, I’m Stephanie Dickerson, a motherhood coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner and mother to three small children.

When women ask me what I do, I tell them that I coach women in finding spiritual solutions to the problems of motherhood. I help them regain their sense of balance...physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the deep soul level

And while that might seem a bit heady, the way that I do it is very down to earth - through straight forward truth-telling and simple, time tested self-care strategies based in Ayurveda.

The best way to find out if I might be the help you are looking for is for us to just have a chat. Book a complimentary call today.  

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Can You Imagine? 

  • How would it feel to sit down at the end of the day to a dinner that was full of color, flavor and nutrients  - a dinner that every single member of your family enjoyed and ate without commentary or cajoling?  
  • How much less planning and reconfiguring would you need to do without a picky eater (or two or three) at your table.  How much fun would it be to cook what you want, know that you are nourishing your family?  
  • When asked what your child eats before a dinner event or party, you could say “whatever is on their plate.”
  • Imagine if you were confident that your children were getting every nutrient and morsel that they need for healthy bodies and brains?  
  • Create these outcomes and more in my signature 6-week course Healthy Hunger. 
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Featured Blog Posts

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Enjoy Your Flight

I am writing to you from my deck, warm in the sunshine and in full view of the last of summer. I’ve been thinking recently of an afternoon a little later in the fall several years back. It was before my husband and I had kids and I was joining him on a photography assignment that involved a classic airplane.....

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The Self-Love Equation

If you are at all like the rest of us that aren't narcissists, then you struggle with owning your worthiness at some level. 

Your worthiness to feel good, to be loved, to have what you want, to have more than enough. 

Your worthiness to love yourself.  If you are lucky - if you've done enough personal work - then you know you should but...

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Self Care vs. Self-Love

Living in worry or fear can start to seem so normal we don’t even notice it.

It infuses everything we do, especially how we care for ourselves and our family.

Did I make the right choice for breakfast? Is that dairy going to cause eczema?
Did my baby eat enough? Did my toddler? Why am I so hungry? What’s that funny bump? I wonder if we are allergic to gluten? 

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