Hey Mama,

I know how hard it is to do all the things...for everyone...all the time....

You just want to get dinner on the table and it feels like you are spinning plates and any minute they'll be crashing down on your head. If they aren't already.

You find yourself crying into your wine at night (and your coffee in the morning)  saying 'it just feels like I am failing at EVERYTHING! I'm not doing ANYTHING well!'

The thing is, you've got to start somewhere. You've got problems (don't we all) but I've got spiritual solutions, so lets pick a problem and get started today.

Let's deal once and for all with your picky eaters. I'll show you how to be 100% sure your kids are getting what they need for their healthy development and help you become the Calm Confident Commander of her Kitchen (that kicks ass everywhere) that you always knew you could be.

Fix My Picky Eater Problem
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Can You Imagine? 

  • How would it feel to sit down at the end of the day to just enjoy a healthy dinner with no drama?  
  • How much less planning and reconfiguring would you need to do without a picky eater (or two or three) at your table. 
  • How much fun would it be to cook what you want or try a new recipe and know it would be happily eaten?  
  • When asked what your child eats before a dinner event or party, you could say “whatever is on their plate.”
  • Imagine if you were confident that your children were getting every nutrient and morsel that they need for healthy bodies and brains- with no expensive gummy candies (I mean vitamins!!).  
  • At the end of my 8 week program, Healthy Hunger - you'll be the calm, confident commander of your kitchen that knows exactly how to transform your picky eaters to healthy eaters. 
  • What to get started with my approach right now? Click the button below.
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I am so grateful to Stephanie for guiding me through her Healthy Hunger program.  She is a true "coach's coach" - meaning she really gets to the core of the challenge and sees so deeply into what my true stumbling blocks have been.  It was so surprising to uncover and unravel what had been keeping me stuck as a parent - and was clearly reflected by the shame I felt at mealtime.  As a health coach, I knew all the why's of balanced meals, but as a mom, Stephanie helped me discover the 'how.'  This program changed our kitchen for sure, but truly changed our relationships.

And the best part -- we went from eating the same dinner as a family one night a week, to an average of five! 

~Robin M.
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Initially, I was struggling with getting my toddler to eat balanced meals, or much at all beyond snacks.  I was also struggling with anxiety and unhappiness in my marriage. I could tell my anxiety was affecting my young children and my marriage.  Not only did I come away with tools that helped my son become a better eater, I uncovered the sources of my anxiety around food and parenting. Stephanie guided me to discover the stories I was telling myself, based on past events that are no longer my truth.

Since working with Stephanie, my anxiety has improved, and my toddler eats very well. My 1 year old is also eating well-balanced meals. We are all practicing better habits around meal time. I'm able to realize the source of my anxiety most of the time, and am able to harness the uncomfortable feelings that used to spiral out of control so quickly. My marriage is improving and my days are happier. I know what I need to fill me up when I get out of whack.

~Maddie O.

Get Straight to the Goods

You know you aren't going to solve the problem of your picky eaters yourself, and you are done trying. Let's do this thing. Book a call and we'll find out if we can solve it together. If I know I can help you, we can talk about what it will look like to work together.

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