Hey Mama,

Are you so over the mealtime mayhem? Are you completely fed up with your families terrible eating habits and their consequences?

If you are ready to become the calm, confident commander of your child’s nutrition and no longer negotiate, beg, hide vegetables or yell (or cry)...

You are in the right place. You are just 6 weeks away. 

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Hello! I'm Stephanie

What if I told you that the real reasons for the chaos in your kitchen aren’t what you might think? What if solving the nutrition challenge could actually enhance your relationship with your child (and yourself) in totally unexpected ways?

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Pleasant & Peaceful Mealtimes are Possible!

Does this sound familiar?

You know that your child’s nutrition is the foundation for a healthy, successful life, but you have continued to give in to grilled cheese sandwiches on repeat?  Or you’ve tried to be a “sneaky chef” and had that backfire completely?  Are you accustomed to making more than one dinner because everyone is just...so...picky and all you want is a PEACEFUL meal?

You may have read books, asked your pediatrician or friends for advice, yet you’re still feeling stuck and guilty.

You may be surprised to know that every mama in your shoes is probably making the same mistakes in their attempt to raise healthy eaters.  Yep.  I’ve seen them time and time again, and the good news is that they can all be fixed.

Download my top 5 Secrets to Getting Your Kids to Eat Like You Know they Should
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Can You Imagine?

  • How would it feel to sit down at the end of the day to a dinner that was full of color, flavor and nutrients  - a dinner that every single member of your family enjoyed and ate without commentary or cajoling?  
  • How much less planning and reconfiguring would you need to do without a picky eater (or two or three) at your table.  How much fun would it be to cook what you want, know that you are nourishing your family?  
  • When asked what your child eats before a dinner event or party, you could say “whatever is on their plate.”
  • Imagine if you were confident that your children were getting every nutrient and morsel that they need for healthy bodies and brains?  
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I am so grateful to Stephanie for guiding me through her Healthy Hunger program.  She is a true "coach's coach" - meaning she really gets to the core of the challenge and sees so deeply into what my true stumbling blocks have been.  It was so surprising to uncover and unravel what had been keeping me stuck as a parent - and was clearly reflected by the shame I felt at mealtime.  As a health coach, I knew all the why's of balanced meals, but as a mom, Stephanie helped me discover the 'how.'  This program changed our kitchen for sure, but truly changed our relationships.

And the best part -- we went from eating the same dinner as a family one night a week, to an average of five!  

~Robin M.

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Initially, I was struggling with getting my toddler to eat balanced meals, or much at all beyond snacks.  I was also struggling with anxiety and unhappiness in my marriage. I could tell my anxiety was affecting my young children and my marriage.  Not only did I come away with tools that helped my son become a better eater, I uncovered the sources of my anxiety around food and parenting. Stephanie guided me to discover the stories I was telling myself, based on past events that are no longer my truth.

Since working with Stephanie, my anxiety has improved, and my toddler eats very well. My 1 year old is also eating well-balanced meals. We are all practicing better habits around meal time. I'm able to realize the source of my anxiety most of the time, and am able to harness the uncomfortable feelings that used to spiral out of control so quickly. My marriage is improving and my days are happier. I know what I need to fill me up when I get out of whack.

~Maddie O.

Are you Ready?

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