The self-love equation - shifting from debt to abundance

self-love worthiness Feb 03, 2019

If you are at all like the rest of us that aren't narcissists, then you struggle with owning your worthiness at some level. 

Your worthiness to feel good, to be loved, to have what you want, to have more than enough. 

Your worthiness to love yourself.  If you are lucky - if you've done enough personal work - then you know you should.

You know self-love is the key.

You know it's not the job of your partner, your kids, your parents, your colleague. 

And so you try. You do. But how? It's so hard! You tell yourself you are beautiful (yeah right), you tell yourself you are worthy (uh huh), you send love to your 'little girl'. 

But what gives? Nothing changes. It feels empty, fake. You're lonely. You're depressed. 

Here's what nobody tells you. Well almost nobody.

It takes a while! 

It takes a while to get out of the debt of unworthiness into an abundance of self-love. 

You have to keep trying. Keep making those deposits, even if it feels like they are a penny dropping in the bottom of a well.

And you have to do it yourself. 

But you don't have to do it alone. 

I am here to help you discern which deposits add up more quickly. Which ones earn interest. Which ones are actually withdrawals. 

Things can shift. As rapidly as you decide they can.

Tune in and ask yourself - am I ready to be on the other side of this? Am I ready to revel in an abundance of self-love? 

Am I ready to open to being supported and supporting myself in a new way? 

xoxo Stephanie



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