Ayurveda knows the secret to a life lived well - one that feels good, and easy and full of love - is to nurture and love ourselves through real, tangible practices. To nourish, cleanse and heal each layer of our being. To connect us to our higher self. 

I want to share this secret with you.

Have you found the accumulated stress of becoming a parent and sacrificing your self-care has taken it's toll on you? 

You struggle with burnout, exhaustion, extra weight, low energy, worry, anxiety and depression. You are impatient and quick to anger. Or you are festering inside with indigestion or worse. Your skin is dull, dry or inflamed. You have lost yourself. 

I want to teach you the simple practices, based in Ayurveda, that can begin to transform your life, as you clear a pathway for connection to your deepest knowing, your greatest wisdom, your creative power.

When you are connected you are more organized, make better decisions, think more clearly, get better rest, have better digestion, reduce inflammation, lose weight, heal from chronic pain, are more receptive to affection, are able to create more connection with your kids. 

This isn't the yoga class, bubble bath, wine, chocolate and evenings with girlfriends type of self-care. 

This is more than self-care. It is self-love, embodied.

It's not that you aren't resting enough or you're doing it all wrong or you picked the wrong partner. 

It's that in order to thrive, in order to be your best and most vital self you have to learn to live in integrity with your nervous system, regularly dump your toxic load and purposefully build resilience, immunity and life-force. 

I want you to teach you the sacred practices of self-care from Ayurveda that will help you to do just that. 

Awaken to love. 

And it's not as hard as you think and feels soooo good. 

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Heal Your Nervous System

Our nervous system is the interface through which we experience the world. When we live in chronic physiological stress (unsafety) we can't experience the well-being and vitality that are our birthright. It is simply not available to us.  We'll spend month one learning to put SAFETY FIRST and create deep healing for our nervous systems and shift out of negativity, fear, shame and blame. 


Cleanse Deeply

We are storing years of accumulated gunk in our bodies- old emotions, stories and beliefs. Extra weight, inflammation and pain. Clogging up our direct line to infinite source energy, power and wisdom - our superpowers. Month two will focus on using gentle but powerful Ayurvedic cleansing techniques to clear your detoxification pathways and release what no longer serves you - from excess weight to the burden of old stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs. 

Restore Your Radiance

Our radiance is also our resilience, our immunity and our life force. When we are not connected to the the vitality that lights us up, we are are subject to dis-ease of all kinds, on all levels of our being. Month three is about building our resiliency as we grow our connection to ourselves, to our families and to consciousness.  As we increase connection,  life force, immunity and resilience all increase and we become the Radiant Mother that is our essence. 

Awaken to Love

Ayurvedic Self-Care Intensive

3 months to shift a lifetime. 

We'll take a structured approach that will enable you to learn and put into practice simple strategies based in Ayurveda to create a strong sense of safety, love and belonging.

The first month will focus on creating safety in your nervous system, an inner safety that you can rely upon. 

Month two will be a time for gracefully releasing old stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs as well as excess physical weight, or other imbalances. 

Month three will be a time to purposefully create resilience as you get practiced at returning to creating inner safety and releasing what no longer serves you. This resiliency is built in connection - connection with yourself, with others and with something larger than yourself.  

Receive individualized coaching to help you identify and move past blocks to loving and caring for yourself.

Modules of content will be released to you each of the twelves weeks (with review weeks built in) so that you can build your practices sequentially.

The structured learning will enable you to shift your mindset and transform your experience. 

You'll have lifetime access to the content and recorded calls. 

You will have 3 months of weekly 1:1 coaching calls for focused support. This will be a standing weekly call. 

You can bring whatever is coming for you to these calls and we'll work together to help you identify and move past whatever blocks we find so you can experience and connect to more of yourself. 

Our weekly group call takes places Sundays at 4 pm AKT (8 pm EST).

This call will include a meditation and teaching, supported by our coming together live. We'll be centering our connection together around celebrating our progress, so that we can both be inspired by each other and practice focusing on what we have accomplished, not just what we have yet to do. 

This is also the perfect time to ask questions about the weekly content and applying what comes out of our coaching calls to your life.

This is an important element and I will be asking you to show up here, even if you feel shy to participate. A big part of building resilience is to learn to show up and connect to others in a new and more authentic way. I will create a safe and supportive container where we can all do that together. 

In month two we use two of our 1:1 calls where we can go in-depth into your health history. We'll use this information and your needs to customize your self-care plan around targeted nutrition, cleansing and self-care practices to support your releasing of old stored negative emotions and limiting beliefs. More radiance and vibrancy awaits!

You'll be able to reach out to me for support during the week, between our calls, both via our Private Facebook Group, or FB messenger, text or Voxer. 

A private place for those in Awaken to Love to share, learn and receive support as you make this journey toward your best self. 

The basics you need for a 4-day traditional cleanse tailored just for you and your circumstance plus make the gentle shifts over the month that will serve you for a lifetime. 

This kit includes the items I have found most helpful in anchoring self-care into my daily life. 

Becoming our best selves

Nothing amplifies our desire to be our best selves like being a parent. And nothing shines a light on our shadows like motherhood.

Our shadows, those dark places in ourselves that we would rather not be seen. Those places that our children & partners know just how to put their finger on. 

Our accumulated stress. Our unprocessed emotions. Our undigested experiences. Our undigested dinners. The wounds we are carrying. Some for generations.

Written into our nervous system. Written into the way we experience the world.

Through a fog of depression. Through a cloud of anxiety. Padded by a protective layer of extra weight. Our shine hidden by the puffy dullness resulting from countless glasses of wine, sweet treats, missed sleep.

But what if we could clear away those shadows? What if we could re-write the program run by our nervous system? 

Would you be willing to do the work? Are you ready to claim your worth? To love yourself that much? 

To reveal your most radiant self. To feel the grace of God that you are. To be the love that your children want. To live the love that you are. To live your most vital life. 


Work With Me

Hello, my name is Stephanie Dickerson.

I am a mother to three young children, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Motherhood Coach. I lead women in finding themselves - their own heart an well-being - in the midst of motherhood. 

For the last 18 years, using a combination of Ayurvedic wisdom and a hands on approach, I have helped hundreds of women find more ease, health and happiness.

For the first decade in my profession I found that many of my clients were mothers who were just beginning prioritize taking care of themselves and were coming to me to better learn how to do that.

And the thing that really stood out to me was that their children were often in high school, had recently left home for the first time, or even had children of their own.

They had spent 10, 20, even 30 years or more with their own health, and well-being on the back burner. They were more often than not,  tired and anxious, depressed and depleted. Not connected with their joy and vibrancy, their passion and purpose.

That’s why I am so passionate about reaching mothers while their children are still small. So they really know they can be dedicated mothers but also take loving, nurturing  care of themselves. So they don’t have to live life from the back burner.

The thing is that becoming a mother is stressful. Combine that with the lack of support for mothers in this society and it is recipe for exhaustion and depletion.

But for as widespread and ‘normal’ as this experience is, it doesn’t need to be this way.

I’ve discovered that by combining a structured approach with simple self-care practices based in Ayurveda AND supportive guidance, I can predictably walk with women back into safety, love and belonging.

Talk to me

Are you ready? 

Honestly, not everyone is. But if you are a 'hell-yes I am' than this is the time and space for you. To tune in to you and learn to care for yourself from the outside in...starting with simple practices to nourish your body, heal your nervous system and cultivate love in your mind and emotions. Get in the practice of connecting with your higher self- your deeper wisdom and learn how to live there. 

All that is required is your desire and commitment to show up and love whatever arises.  

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Seasonal Self-Care Intensives

Restore your radiant nature by aligning with the powerful rhythms of nature. Gentle, nourishing self-care and seasonal alignment.


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