Who would you be?

self-care Sep 24, 2019
It is amazing, what we expect of ourselves, with little or no care and attention.
We wake up to an alarm or a screaming child foggy and dazed. Coffee is the first thing we put into our mouths.
We skip some meals. We pig out on others. We graze and snack mindlessly.
We let ourselves get out of control hungry and then attack the pantry.
One glass of wine turns into 3 (or more!) more often than not. We eat for comfort.
We want to love our husbands. We want to appreciate our children while we have them.
We mean to exercise and get fresh air daily. We intend to meditate.
And so we feel worse and worse. The extra five pounds is more like 15. First we just couldn’t eat white bread without discomfort and now its all gluten. And we are starting to wonder if maybe we are lactose intolerant?
The restless sleep and foggy mornings become so normal we don’t even question them.
Our lack of patience with our kids - that’s normal right? I mean everyone says parenting is hard.
The disgust with our partner. ‘Well he is just not the man that I thought I was marrying. He isn’t speaking my love language. No wonder I don’t want to sleep with him.”
And so we regularly recommit to the things we know we ‘should’ do.
We get a new planner, calendar or bullet journal.
We make lists. We try to meditate.
We sign up for the gym. Or a yoga class. We take a weekend off.
We might try the new latest diet. Keto? Paleo? Whole 30?
We talk to our friends or even find a therapist.
We take deep breaths, exhale all the way.
All of these things do help. A little. For a while.
But like the grain of wood revealing itself through a thin coat of paint, the discomfort reappears.
Our bodies are uncomfortable, out of balance, in pain. Aging rapidly.
Our energy is in the dumpster.
Our emotions are variable at best.
Our thinking is dialed in on what isn’t working. What needs to be different.
We are lonely.
We don’t have access to any sort of knowing, faith or believing in something larger. Some reason for our existence.
I am hear to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.
Health and well-being is our BIRTHRIGHT. It is available to every one of us, no matter our past or present.
It is possible to be comfortable in your body. To live at your ideal weight. It is possible to have ample energy for all you do and an ability to rest deeply when necessary.
Nothing in your outer life needs to change for you to regain control of your emotional state- to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings.
You can feel connected to and supported by something larger than yourself, no matter your faith or spiritual background.
It starts with a shift of your attention. Inward. Learning to listen and respond to YOUR needs first.
Learning to deeply nurture your body. Protect your energy. Allow your feelings. Align your thinking. Connect with your higher self.
What would it be like to wake up in love with your life? Your children? Your partner? To feel like the captain of your own ship…clear on where you are going each day and in this life.
Take a moment and tune in and consider…
Who would I be then?
What do I most need to open to? To let go of? In order to take a step in that direction?
If you want support on getting clear on what that is and - if you are ready to take a giant leap in that direction - find out more about working with me. 
Xoxo Stephanie

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