Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Services

When a baby is born, so is a mother. And she should be cared for with just as much intentional, loving gentleness as the baby.

Our in-person service provides care for the mother during this vulnerable time. 

The one-hour educational visit is a chance for you to learn about and fully embrace the common care traditions that almost every traditional culture has for this phase of life. Based on your wants and needs, we will also use this visit to customize your care plan. 

Our services providing care for the mother fall into three main categories: 

1- Chores    2-  Nourishment      3- Massage

All 2-3 hour visits will include a combination of the three.

Your doula will perform basic chores such as stopping by the store on her way to the visit, basic tidying of the house including the kitchen,  quick-clean of the bathroom, changing bedsheets, washing mama's laundry. You will orient your doula to your home after the educational visit or on a separate walk-thru.

Nourishment will include a delivery of tea and traditional rice pudding as soon after the birth as is convenient and then tea, snacks and a one-pot meal like kitchari for each visit. This may be prepped in your kitchen or brought in - as makes sense for you and your family. Recipes will also be customized to sound good to you, within our nutritional recommendations (outlined during educational visit). 

Last but definitely not least, each visit will include an Ayurvedic massage. Your doula will bring her table, sheets and oil and will time the massage to your babies eating and sleeping cycle during her visit. The traditional massage is one of the most powerful ways to take care of mama, to support her body in massive transition that is the postpartum period. Far from a luxury, almost every traditional culture has it's own version and it stems many of the problems that we associate as givens of the postpartum period.

When a newborn mother is supported through this transition, she is able to adapt most seamlessly to her new role, with less of the exhaustion, anxiety, worry, uncertainty and discomfort that are often synonymous with postpartum today. 


Deluxe 6 week Package

1 - one hour educational visit

12 - by-weekly 2-3 hour home visits


Basic 6 week Package

1- one hour educational visit

6 - weekly 2-3 hour home visits


Mini Package

1- one hour educational visit

4 - 2-3 hour home visits



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